How to Consign

Ready to clean out your closet? Gather your gently-used items and bring them to us – no appointment necessary! Our step-by-step guide will walk you through our consignment process.

1. Clean Your Closet

Sort through your in-season clothing, shoes, accessories and housewares. The key to successfully selling items on consignment is paying attention to the condition of the item – no holes, stains, broken zippers or excessive wear please!

2. What Sells

Items that are current, classic, and on-trend sell best for us. We choose to take items based on what our customers are buying. If we cannot take an item, don’t take it personally! We study what sells and select items that will make you money.

3. Bag Limit

Drop-offs are welcome from the moment we open until we close, however, we do have a bag limit. For clothing, shoes and purses we will take 2 medium bags or 1 plastic kitchen bag. For home decor, we can take a standard rubbermaid bin of housewares (this does not include larger furniture pieces.) We ask that you do not bring items in on hangers.

4. Pricing

Labels sets the selling price. We spend a lot of time researching the market and what our customers will pay. This includes the style, size, season and current trends. With that in mind, our items are priced 50% – 80% off of the original price. If you have an expensive item or any questions, don’t hesitate to ask about pricing!

5. Get Paid

You get 40% of the selling price. Money from every item sold will automatically go onto your account. You can choose to get paid out in cash or use the money as store credit – same amount either way! Balances under $100 can be paid in cash, and over $100 will be paid in the form of a check. Please review our contract for more information.

6. Seasonality

We start taking Fall items on August 1st, Winter items on October 1st, Spring items on February 1st and Summer items on May 1st.

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